Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mqtt broker on ESP8266 #3

[Later edit]. On you will find instructions on how to install the ESP8266 MQTT broker on your EPS8266 and how to use the MQTT service provided by

Good news today !! In my previous post I've said that I'll add the noPoll for websockets, but I've decided that will be better to write my own websocket part. And it works !!! 

So, to recap what I have for now on this ESP8266 module:

  • MQTT broker functionality
  • Bridging data to/from and another MQTT broker ( usually a cloud MQTT instance)
  • websockets connectivity ( I can now connect with my Homy application directly to the ESP8266 acting as an MQTT broker)

To do list:

  • webconfig interface.  Done!

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  1. Hello do you have the code to that broker i want to implement this im my home becouse i already use a cloud broker... Thanks

  2. Sorry can not share the code since it will be in product that soon will enter on the market.

  3. Ok. When arrive this product to market? I'm interested in It!!

  4. The product will be on the market in September 2016, and the broker is just a part of it.

    Please send me an email if you want to talk about the broker.

    1. I would be interested in receiving more product information...thanks

    2. Sure, I will let you know when it will reach the market.

  5. Hi Catalin,
    Has your product reached the market? I am interested.

  6. As September 2016 is paar right now, i would love to See the product you dreamt of. If this bubble poppt into the void, just Open Up development and give the world around you the Chance to make things never dreamt of.

    This is how human mankind Works:
    -Invent things with the great money in Mond
    -see the idea does not scale
    -see others were faster
    -see the company you worked for fking you Up
    -giving the whole stuff to people who Reserve your Credit
    -being never forgotten in the history of your Project
    -getting Back to develop your Project further, as its getting so much love by a awesome community you never could imagine...

  7. Can you help implementing the broker on esp8266.

    1. Did you get this to work? I am also looking for a way to make my esp8266 a mqtt broker. Would love to hear from you.

    2. Hi, The full application is at Just flash the binary to a new 4Mb ESP8266 and you have a functional MQTT broker in 1 minute. If you go to you a have code and binary for a ESP8266 socket(plug) that integrates with the and Bondar ESP8266 broker. You can use the demoapp as a starter for any device type you want. In 30 minutes you have a fully functional solution.