Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mqtt broker on ESP8266 #2

     Working on MQTT broker on ESP8266 has reached the first milestone. Until now functionality  includes MQTT broker and bridging to another instance of MQTT broker or mosquitto. It should work also on AWS IoT but I didn't tested yet.

After more then one million of seconds uptime and hundreds of thousands of transported messages I can declare it in 1.0 version.

Next to implement:

  • websocket server using the noPoll   my own library (work in progress  Done )
  • web interface configuration 


  1. Looks interesting. Any code you would like to share?

  2. Would make for a great setup by the sounds of it. Makes the whole concept so neat. An all esp (be it 82's or 32's) setup without a pi in sight! Impressive .... it's certainly what I would do if I had your skillset.
    If there was any chance of trying the code, I would certainly be in that queue!

    Dave Roffey

  3. Would be nice to see some example code for others to learn from and maybe adapt for their own purposes.

    Well done great work.

  4. Hello, can you give me more details about this project??
    I'm working with MQTT and ESP8266 in my final bachelor project and found your work very interesting.
    please send me and e-mail at artur.freitas at