Wednesday, January 27, 2016

E-ink display Part II

Now you can see the E-ink display in action.

It is connected to the ESP201 development board which also have an DS18B20 temperature sensor attached.

I've managed to reduce the pin numbers so now I can have extra pins to connect more sensors and show their values on this tiny e-ink display.


  1. It seems e-ink display ideally suites for such application and deep-sleep mode.
    I found similar (same?) one:
    But the price ($26) is unproportionally great in comparison with other pars of your device.
    By any chance, do you know the place where price is lower?

  2. Igor, I know the price is a little high on this type of devices, but you can look on from time to time they are selling it for 19,90 USD. Over time this device will pay for itself since if I had an OLED on battery will change them every week. Right now I am running from November on battery and I am sampling, sending over MQTT and post the data on every 2 minutes. If I will change it to 5 or even 10 minutes the battery will last long.

    1. Hi Catalin,
      Thanks for link. Yeah, I do see advantages of e-ink for our applications.
      But even 19USD looks almost in order more than e.g. only few dollars cost of esp8266.
      I think it's because quite low demand on such specific displays...
      BTW I found 2 quite interesting sites with several nice models by lower price:
      But I worry, that despite declared SPI interface, it could be hard to use aforementioned models at a "home lab", at least a soldering.

  3. Hi Igor,

    My E-ink display is produced by Pervasive but at that price we need to add the PCB and at the end the price will be over 40 USD.

    But I've spoke with Alex Chu from Smart Prototyping and he said that if we will make an order of 10 pcs they will deliver one pcs to each of us at 19.9 USD + shipping. So if the price is ok for you please let me know and spread the news.


  4. A great teaser. Some explanation of how you did it would be great.

    1. Hi Ken, Thanks. Code and more details are in