Monday, September 18, 2017

Control any TV with your voice

Few months ago I was writing about the Broadlink RM3 mini in this article.

The big news is that nows supports the  Amazon "Alexa" voice control.

So saying "Alexa, change to channel 77 on Television" will change your TV to channel 77.

You can also rename your favorite channel to a specific name and call it like this: "Alexa, change to channel Sport on Television" and the Broadcom RM3 mini will do that for you.

To have all this features you need to install this application from Google Play ( I don't know for iPhone) and make sure  you have the latest version of firmware on your Broadlink RM3 mini.

If you have an STB Like I have and you are using your TV just as a panel you need to assign the virtual remote buttons to your STB remote buttons. After that everything will work fine.

The last step is to add the "BroadLink Remote Control" skill to your Alexa app and do start a device discovery.

BroadLink RM3 mini
What I miss from the previous e-Control application is the possibility to share the configuration of devices with other phones.

And a video ( sorry for accent :-) ) for demo.

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