Monday, October 19, 2015

Update: Android application to control my ESP devices around the home

I've updated the Homy application that controls my ESP8266 based devices around the house.

So more Smart Plugs has been added, more irrigation controllers (for testing),  temperature and humidity sensors.

At the begging each node is starting as AP with it own embedded web server. I can connect to it
with a browser to it and setup the WiFi network and password ( I am planning to do this also from Homy application). After that node gets rebooted and became part of the network.

At statup Homy connects to the cloud broker ( which is connected to my local one) and request an
update from all devices. In this way knows how many of them are and what types they are, what cron settings thay have and what IP, software version they have etc.

Next to do on devices is OTA.
Next device to build is a chrono thermostat device. It will be able to control a heater based on its predefined cron program and aggregated temperature from sensors. Off course  I will be able to control it from the Homy application around the world.

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  1. Hi! Your work is very interesting. Have you considered sharing your code somewhere? I am familiar with programming but starting with existing code would be quite helpful.
    Also, have you ever tried interconnecting the ESP8266 to camera modules? I've seen plenty of people over the net asking for this, but none really succeeding.

    Thanks for your material!